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As of August 2009, NeurometPlus® can be freely accessed at

NeurometPlus® is an easy to use database program about neurometabolic conditions and other neuropediatric and genetic diseases.

Making a rapid diagnosis when clinicians are confronted with a sick newborn, infant or child having acute neurological symptoms or metabolic dysfunction is very stressful. Time often runs against them. Having at hand appropriate information to make the right choice in managing these cases is vital in their day to day practice.

Our database contains all the important issues involved in the diagnosis of most organic acidurias and other neurometabolic and genetic conditions, which often present with similar clinical picture. The search for the most probable diagnosis is simplified by the progressive elimination of conditions according to the presence of certain searchable fields such as age of onset, symptoms, signs, lab and test values. At the same time, available treatment is offered.

The information present in our database about each condition is reported in the literature and has been taken from multiple sources including pediatric neurology, metabolic and genetic textbooks and Internet sources (OMIM or McKusick database, NORD database, NINDS, and others). By using NeurometPlus®, we hope to increase the probability of diagnosing these conditions, while becoming more familiar with their overall clinical characteristics.

The database is really an "electronic book", where data can be manipulated in different ways to narrow the diagnostic possibilities to a few entities and to initiate the most appropriate treatment as soon as possible.

It is our intention to update the database content frequently and to add new conditions as time permits. We will appreciate metabolic and genetic experts of every country to review our data, so the information is the most current and clinically useful for the practicing physician. We appreciate comments and suggestions on how to improve the program contents. If errors are present or omission of information is detected, please let us know so that we may correct it promptly.

NeurometPlus® will welcome pictures of patients, radiology, pathology, etc, for any described condition. Contributors are responsible for obtaining consent from appropriate parties for publication of medical pictures. Acknowledgement of origin, contributor and institution will be made next to the picture.

We have decided not to use bibliographic citations for the described conditions due to the complexities and the time constraints involved in that work. We wanted to keep our database as simple as possible. There are plenty of sources of updated literature for each condition mentioned in the program (OMIM, Medline, NINDS, National Library of Medicine, etc) which are easily available for an in-depth investigation on any desired condition.

This online program (NeurometPlus®) is free of charge. It requires only to register and to be medical personnel.

I would like to thank L.G. Roberts for his dedication and expertise in making NeurometPlus® online the program it is. Lemar Publishers recognizes his effort in making this project possible, giving a new perspective to our Internet medical world.

With best regards,

Dr. Leonardo Garcia
Pediatric Neurologist
Author and Editor NeurometPlus®
Lemar Publishers


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